Solve the Problem - 4 How-To Steps

1 - Home & Attic Inspection

Inspect the exterior of the home, including the roof and all vents, to find out how the animals are getting in. Also inspect inside the attic to identify animal and damage.

2 - Remove the Animals

This process is not simple, and it varies considerably based on animal type and situation. You might use an exclusion door, or a cage trap, or removal by hand.

3 - Repair the Entry Holes

The job is not complete until you solve the source of the problem. Seal shut the entry holes, with professional grade repairs, or else the problem will happen again.

4 - Clean the Attic

In addition to repairing chewed electrical wires and damaged duct work, you might want to remove the animal feces, maybe the insulation, and decontaminate.

Via a range of services, our wildlife control and removal company provides protection to your family. By controlling the wildlife, we can prevent the risk of diseases from wild animals as well as minimize other risks, such as damage to your house that could pose a safety hazard. Keep in mind that wildlife can spread a range of disease that us humans can catch. Just a few of the more common ones include Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, and Leptospirosis, although there are also others. Throughout all of our interactions, we treat all customers with courtesy as well as respect. This is exactly how we would want to be treated. We also make it a point to treat the animals humanely, which is why we never use poison. Not only is it inhumane, but it is also ineffective, making it a harmful method that should be avoided. We are able to remove animals without using ineffective poison or any harmful traps. Instead, we first try to use exclusion devices and will use live cage traps when the situation warrants it. Our team can also take care of removing dead animals, whether they are inside or outside. We can find the dead animal and then remove it with minimal damage to your property, reducing the smell.