How big do New York squirrels get?

Most people have come across Suffolk County squirrels moving around. They can be seen moving near homes, in trees and in farms. The little rodents are very recognizable and can be easily identified by many people. They feed on nuts as food and normally they are seen while on their food hunt. There are many squirrels which are normally almost the same size which is measured in inches including the tail. The squirrels are found in different parts of the world and they are from different species. The squirrel species include: ground squirrel, pygmy squirrels, red squirrels, gray squirrels, gray marmot and fox squirrels.

The Gray squirrels.
There are two types, the Eastern Suffolk County squirrels and Western squirrels. The squirrels can grow quite big to a measurement of 22 inches. The western grey squirrels can grow larger up to 24 inches including the tail measurements.

The Red Squirrels.
The red squirrel is also known as the pine squirrel. It enjoys living in the pine forests. It is almost as half as the grey squirrel in size including the tail.

The fox squirrels.
They are among the tree squirrel species. They are the largest among the tree squirrel species. They grow up to 28 inches including the tail. They are also known as the eastern fox squirrels.

Flying squirrels.
Flying squirrels are another species of squirrels. They are divided into two types; The southern flying squirrel and the Northern flying squirrel. The northern flying squirrels are larger than the southern growing up to 10 to 15 inches. They are among the smallest squirrels as compared to others.

Pygmy squirrels.
The pygmy squirrel is the smallest squirrel to be recorded. The squirrel is mainly found in Africa. When it is an adult, the pygmy squirrel is around 3.9 inches and still you can find smaller ones of up to 2.8 inches including the tail.

The grey marmot squirrels.
The grey marmot squirrels are the largest among all squirrels. They are big and can weigh up to 20 pounds. The squirrels normally reside in Kazakhstan.

Apart from the fact that the squirrels vary in length in inches, they also vary in weight. The big squirrels weigh more while the small ones have less weight. The size of the squirrel is affected by some factors. The major factor that contributes to the size is genetic factors. Squirrels from the same species are almost similar in size and weight and they only vary by a few measurements.

Even though most squirrels have standard weight, the weight can be changed by a few things done. Statistics shows that squirrels that stay near people’s homes have more weight than those that stay in bushes. How can this be true?

In people’s homes, there is a lot of food available. The squirrels can get as much food as they need due to its availability. This makes them bigger as they eat more food than those that have to hunt for food and therefore, the more the food the larger the squirrels.

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