How big do New York snakes get?

Many people wonder about snake growth and how big they can get. There are many misconceptions about Suffolk County snake growth. Some believe that snakes continue to grow and become as big as anacondas when they are old enough. The truth of the matter is that, all snakes do not grow into big anacondas.

There are different Suffolk County snake species and therefore their sizes differ. Their sizes differ from length and diameters. This may be due to food, environmental factors and gender of the snakes. Food affects growth of snakes very much. Although not to a big extent, snakes that are fed well normally grow much bigger in length and diameter unlike those that eat less. However, starving a snake cannot limit its growth as it makes it more aggressive due to anger.

Gender also makes the size of snakes to differ. Female snakes have been proven to be bigger in size than the males. Environmental factors also have a slight effect on the snake size. Besides all that, the greatest factor affecting snake growth is mostly the genes.

Small snakes.
There are many snakes which range from small snakes, medium snakes and large snakes. Small snakes that are common include Kenyan Sand Boa, Western Hognose and Rosy Boa. The thread snake is the smallest snake and it can grow up to 3.9 inches long. The snakes exist in almost all continents.

Medium- small snakes.
There are medium snakes that are also very common. The snakes grow bigger than the small snakes but are still have not reached medium size. The Ball python, Garter snake, Corn Snake and Milk snake are the medium sized snakes.

Medium snakes.
The medium snakes are yet to be called large. They are big in size and they are very common. The California King snake, Blood python, Green tree python and the Red Tail Boa are examples of medium snakes.

Large Snakes.
The large snakes are very big. The largest snake had recorded 9 meters length. The snakes exist but people rarely come across them. The snakes include: The King Cobra, Burmese python, Reticulated python and Green Anaconda.

There are many types of snakes that can be categorized into different sizes. The snake size can only be regulated by the food amount and this cannot be very effective as you cannot starve a snake to reduce its size. Snakes do not stop growing. However, their growth becomes slower once the snakes become adults. Different types of snakes once they become adults reach a certain length and diameter that cannot change by a great range.

Once you decide to have a snake as a pet, there are many considerations to be made which may be affected by the snake size. You have to make a cage and therefore the size of the snake determines the size of the cage. The food it takes also might be determined by the size as most of the small snakes feed on small rodents, frogs and earthworms unlike the big ones that eat big animals.

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