Bat Urine Removal And Urine Stain Removal.

New York bats do not stay in all places and some people have not experienced the problem of bat urine. However, there are many people who have encountered bats and this is a nuisance to them. Getting rid of bats is not as easy as it sounds. Bats can enter different places and sometimes you can find them in homes hanging at different points. With many activities to do, it is very difficult to notice urine stains left behind by bats.

When Suffolk County bats hang at any point, they might defecate and this many people can notice due to visible feces on surfaces below the place. Sometimes we fail to notice their urine which is normally smelly and causes stains. At first you cannot notice the stains because the urine obtains the dark color of the feces making it less visible. After prolonged urination, the stains are now noticeable and what you think of is how to get rid of them.

Bat urine is normally in crystal form because it contains a lot of uric acid. Just like feces, bat urine is very poisonous and may cause different diseases. The uric acid in the urine is also corrosive and sometimes where bats stay there needs a lot of renovation for replacement of different parts and tools.

Bat urine is smelly and it makes people uncomfortable and to avoid this it has to be cleaned. Cleaning it is also difficult and stains are impossible to remove by use of common soap and detergents due to the high concentration of uric acid. This is a main challenge for people who encounter this problem and some have to live with the uncomfortable stains.

The removal of Suffolk County bat urine stains requires enzyme action as well as to remove the urine odor. Enzyme-based detergents are the best to do this work. They can remove both urine, smell and the stains left behind. The cleaners bind to the uric acids in bat urine and break them down into other elements which are easier to clean from surfaces.

How do you clean bat urine?
Cleaning bat urine is very easy when you have the right tools. You need protective clothing to prevent contracting diseases from the urine. An Enzyme based detergent is the best to use, a hard scrub brush and water are also needed. You have to make the right mixture of the detergent as instructed on the cleaner. Pour the mixture on the surface to be cleaned and wait for a few hours or as indicated on the detergent. Scrub the surface and when it is clean, you can rinse the surface to remove the dirt to have a clean surface with no smell.

After cleaning, nobody wants to go through that again. Therefore, there are other methods people can use to get rid of the bats to avoid this stressful encounter. You can cover all the entrances of the bats by use of mesh wire and other filler materials to avoid any future encounters.

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